Keni Jegede
09/19/2012 6:27pm

Without a question of a doubt, nurse practitioners as of yesterday, today, and tomorrow will continue to make a difference by providing that patient centered care and health promotion. Nurses in general have a different focus than physicians/PA. A physician most often looks at the biomedical facts, provides a medical diagnosis, and seeks to cure said medical diagnosis. Nurse practitioners have a much more diverse view. Having said that, It's high time we bury the hatchet with the PA's. Lets give credit to the present administration regarding the enactment of the ACA reform!

09/21/2012 8:25am

I agree that NPs have a unique role an qualitythat they bring to the healthcare team. It is essential that all health care providers work in harmony to achieve the quality care we all seek for ourselves and our families. The turf wars are costly and time consuming and of very little value to the patients because at the end of it all, the patient ionly concered about feeling better and whomever provides the opportunity to improve the health status of the patient is whom the credit goes.


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